SpaceShooter : Mankind Invation

From the deeps of space arised a dangerous scourge. A pandemic disease that wants to own everything in galaxy. This scourge named mankind by theirselfes and does not know any kind of regret against other life forms.Their economic system makes them greedy and hungry for raw materials because it never stops making profit. That is why they impose war on the free worlds of universe. — Survivor of an attack by humans to a space station near “Sol”, Gra. Sylgiert Am Asalahan, Gawaloriaian


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Bitbucket RepositoryGodotEngineSourcecode
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Bitbucket Repositoryold Gamemaker Version up to version 1.4.xSourcecode

About the Project

This project is a homage to all the many spaceshooter outthere where mankind has to defeat an attack of aliens. Well, why all these alien are so bad? Is not it conceivable that men are the bad guys?



Pictures and Screenshots


Game Mechanics

The game runs over a 24 hour distance, but is always breakable. By shooting down enemies, the humans with their war machine, the player receives points. At the end of the game, these points are then accumulated and displayed as “high scores” after 24 hours or due to the premature demise of the player.

This and that

As I look at this game as a kind of exercise and fun project, it goes times faster times slower. Recently I also started to see, besides the development with “Unity3D“, how the development under the “GodotEngine” works.